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Personal Office Services include:

  • Bill paying services
  • Payroll checks and reports for domestic employees
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Investment tracking
  • Coordination and payment of nursing needs
  • Tracking tax deductions
  • Computer training


Bill paying services:
Worry no more about those monthly bills. We maintain electronic files enabling us to pay bills weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly as required to keep all your accounts current. We provide you with a monthly printout of all checks written for the period and we return all original bills with payment stubs attached to each bill, showing date paid, payee and check number.
Payroll checks and reports for domestic employees:
We maintain payroll earnings records for all domestic employees for the entire year. On a quarterly basis, or as reporting is required, we complete the forms necessary to report the paid earnings to the tax collecting authorities.
Bank statement reconciliation:
We reconcile all checks written and deposits made, on a monthly basis. A computerized printout showing the current balance is provided, and the original bank statement and all checks are returned to you.
Investment tracking:
We maintain an investment account on our computers for each client in which we enter all investment activity on a monthly basis. This enables us to track all dividends and interest received, reinvestment of dividends and stock dividends, and all buys and sells of securities, and to maintain the cost basis of your investments. We provide you with a computerized printout of all accounts showing activity and the current basis in all holdings.
Coordination and payment of nursing needs:
We have found that at times it is necessary for us to meet with our clients' nursing and domestic employees, in order to work out schedules and assure that clients are properly cared for. This service is particularly useful when relatives are out of town or unable to deal with these concerns.
Tracking tax deductions:
Let us eliminate the race at the end of the year to gather all your tax deductions. Throughout the year we are able to track your tax deductions on a monthly basis, and prepare your tax return from this printout. This eliminates the last minute dash to gather deductions, or the possibility of missing a deduction because due to rushing through several check registers at one time.
Computer training:
Our staff is knowledgeable and can assist you in setting up accounts or financial statements to track your deductions for the year. We can also introduce you to writing your checks on the computer - a simple and time saving approach that will also automatically set up your tax deduction list and eliminate several time consuming recording steps.