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An Integrated Approach to Investment and Tax Planning

For over twenty years, Charles Hayes has been creating investment portfolios for clients around the country.

Integrating this expertise with over forty years’ tax preparation and planning experience creates a powerful combination to save and grow your money.

Whether you are searching for income tax preparation, investment management, financial planning, or a combination of all of these, Hayes & Associates will provide you top notch service with a personal touch.

Hayes & Associates C P A's BBB Business Review

Charles Hayes named 2009 Five Star Wealth Manager
San Diego Magazine
Five Star Professional

Integrity -The consistent, reliable, and predictable employment of moral behavior not subject to enforcement or even detection.
Professor A. J. Galambos

Objectivity -Uninfluenced by emotion, surmise, or personal prejudice.
- American Heritage

Independence - Free from the influence or control of others.
- American Heritage