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Financial Planning: The advice and assistance designed to help you meet your life goals.

Hayes & Associates will help you answer important financial questions and implement the solutions. As fee-only advisors, commissions are neither earned nor accepted. This assures you the utmost in objectivity and independence.

Wealth Building - Are you harnessing your cash flow?

Investment Management - Which investments are for you?

Estate Planning - Who will receive your estate?

Risk Management - Are you adequately covered to minimize losses?

Common areas of consideration in financial planning:

  • Retirement funding
  • College funding
  • Debt and mortgage management
  • Special purpose funding
  • Tax planning
  • Determining the investment profile
  • Evaluating risk tolerance
  • Choosing investments
  • Diversification
  • Wills, trusts, probative intent
  • Succession planning for business and estate
  • Minimization of death taxes and probate expenses
  • Life insurance coverage calculations
  • Auto, home, and other casualty exposures
  • Disability insurance needs
  • Medical and long-term intensive care insurance
  • Elder care concerns

    Financial and Estate Planning are major components of
    Total Wealth Management in our "Personal Financial Guardian®" service.