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We believe that any productive endeavor — intellectual or physical — is a natural and fundamental expression of an individual.

We believe that an honest endeavor has unique value, but all are equally valid and worthy of dignity.

We believe the rewards of productivity also include gratitude and respect — the mainspring to human progress.

We believe in giving value for value received; that is, all parties should profit from an agreement.

We believe that capitalism – the voluntary exchange of tangible and intellectual property – promotes increased productivity and rewards.

We believe that productivity plus capital (saved rewards) improves an individual’s psychological well-being.

We believe that invested capital increases personal freedom to choose and thereby contributes to the quality of culture and life.

We believe all individuals and posterity directly or indirectly benefit from an expanding culture.

We believe an individual’s “living” estate (the accumulation of intellectual and tangible property) is an important legacy and an advisor’s job is to improve the quality and the quantity of that legacy.

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Integrity -The consistent, reliable, and predictable employment of moral behavior not subject to enforcement or even detection.
- Professor A. J. Galambos

Objectivity -Uninfluenced by emotion, surmise, or personal prejudice.
- American Heritage

Independence - Free from the influence or control of others.
- American Heritage